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Partner With West Coast Joe dot com was founded on April 4, 2015 and is here to help provide quality information on how to build a website and your online brand.  Whether you were sent to this site and have found it because you are an aquaintance, friend, or family member of mine….. or you stumbled upon my site through doing some online research on various topics (ie. work from home, affiliate marketing, etc)….. please take a few minutes to check things out (I guarantee you’ll find interesting information indeed).

For those that don’t know me, or even for those that know me through my work, my circle of friends, my wife, my kids, or basketball….. and that DIDN’T KNOW that I have been wanting (and trying) to “work from home” and “build an online presence” for about a decade now.  Problem was (and is), I just didn’t know how to !?!  I have tried several online programs over the years that always sounded great and promised to teach me every step of the way, however I just never got the help and ongoing support that I really needed to keep going and become successful. That has all changed with my participation with the online training program called Wealthy Affiliate.

I have committed the rest of 2016 to BUILD MY ONLINE PRESENCE ! ! !  And my partnership with Wealthy Affiliate (aka WA) and co-founders Kyle & Carson as well as the 1000’s of fellow WA community members who are here to offer support, help, & encouragement….. is what is fuelling my journey to reach my goals this year and beyond.

My “day job” is being a car salesman and I am also the Internet Sales Coordinator for West Coast Nissan and the West Coast Auto Group and I have been doing that for almost 5 years now. It has allowed me the opportunity to learn many, many, many things about myself and people in general. I KNOW that if I set a goal and do my daily activities that is required to reach that goal….. then I WILL SUCCEED. If I don’t reach my goal….. then I know it is because I did not consistently do the daily activities!!! Believe it or not, It Really Is As Simple As That!!!

They say that “sales is a numbers game” (and that is very true)….. in fact, I like to expand that to “life and true success is also just a numbers game”….. when you really think about it, the only way to NOT SUCCEED is to QUIT!!!  If you keep doing what you’re doing every day to get closer to achieving your goal, and do that consistently over time, then you’ll eventually reach whatever goal you have set for yourself.  I will always remember this quote I heard quite a few years ago regarding accomplishing something worthwhile:  “Whatever seems difficult just takes time….. what seems impossible just takes a little longer”.

Think about anything worthwhile that you have achieved and I bet you didn’t stop at the first small obstacle that got in your way.  I bet you kept going and kept doing the things that moved you closer to your goal.  In fact, I bet you were willing to do “whatever it takes” to get to where you wanted to be!!!

That is where I am right now, I have found that passion to do “whatever it takes” every day to build my online presence through my website  Furthermore, I am committed to helping 324 people join me within the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) community in 2016 and beyond and help them follow their passion and build their own websites.  I DARE YOU TO JOIN ME AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS……..




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